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I Saw A Miracle
Tony M and The Jazz Sounds of Salvation

GENRE: Jazz: Jazz Vocals

“I Saw A Miracle” Tony M and the Jazz Sounds of Salvation (1997) is the third album recorded by this group of musicians that met quite miraculously twenty years earlier. Monaco originally penned the title song for “The Road to Damascus,” his original one-man musical about the life of Saul & Paul.


The Jazz Sounds of Salvation started about 20 years ago with Arnold (who I call Aaron: real name) introducing me to Bob Corwin. All of us had just come to know The Lord in a personal, powerful – non-religious way. Miracles?

Meeting Bob and Aaron (Arnold) was one of them. We’ve all had physical healings we could tell you about for hours – one even on this session. Arnie suffered a heart attack our second day of recording and was taken to ICU at Eisenhower Hospital in Palm Desert.

We prayed for him. He tells us he prayed for us. You can hear the results. Arnold rested at home and Tibor Lesko joined us for the rest of the session. We have to confess: we bent the scriptures a bit to get into ICU to see Aaron. We told them we were his brothers, “in the Lord,” that is.

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