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If You Were God
Tony Monaco

GENRE: Jazz: Jazz Vocals

“If You Were God” Tony Monaco (2001) came about from hearing so many people complain about everything from the weather to what was happening in their life, as well as Tony Monaco’s own questions. Recorded in October of 2001 just weeks after the 9/11 attacks, the project took on new meaning as the musicians assembled with heavy hearts to present what had been inspired. “A World of Peace, A World of Love,” written years earlier by Tony’s arranger, Keith Droste, cried out for this time.


Dear Listener:

All these songs were written prior to 9/11.

“If You Were God,” “In A Moment,” and “Forgive Them, Father,” all seemed to take on a different meaning afterwards. But our recording session had been arranged in October, and with a heavy heart we assembled to present what had been inspired.

“A World of Peace, A World of Love” was written by our arranger Keith Droste many years ago for Pat Boone, but somehow never got recorded. It cried out for this time.

My son, Chris Monaco had painted the cover photo several years ago for a friend who was struggling with an illness and thankfully has recovered. It, too, seemed to symbolize the tragic time this world has experienced. I’m extremely proud to share his talent, and thankful his mother encouraged his study when he was a child.

My longtime collaborator Bob Corwin has sacrificed countless hours to transcribe the songs I sing to him, writing them down on paper. I’m forever indebted to him.

This album is dedicated to all those unsung heroes like yourself who with broken hearts pick up the rubble of your lives and like St. Paul “press on towards the goal” of the heavenly prize that awaits you.

In Hymn,

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