Book, Music and Lyrics by Tony Monaco

Tony Monaco's one-man musical telling the story of the dramatic conversion of (Saint Paul) Rabbi Saul of Tarsus persecuting Jesus' followers after His crucifixion is hailed as a musical to remember for a lifetime. Playing the role of Saul is an alcoholic actor who can't remember his first lines on opening night and is ready to quit after his first musical Jazz number.

Presented in the tradition of a Broadway theatre "one-man-show," The Road to Damascus is an innovation because it is the only one-man show that has ever been performed by an author-composer; an actor who also holds a place in Ripley's Believe It Or Not for appearing in two Broadway hit musicals within one season before ever taking a dancing lesson.

Musical direction is under the auspices of noted arranger Denny Bouchard, whose versatility highlights this unique work.

No sleeping in the pews during The Road to Damascus. Monaco's Gospel-infused lyrics demonstrate a hands-down understanding of God's word, and hold your attention captive...all the way "into town."


What others are saying about The Road to Damascus

"I personally recommend The Road to Damascus for an unforgettable evening in the theatre."
Buddy Ebsen

"...Chariots of Fire and The Road to Damascus...two of the most satisfying and professional expressions of Christ that I've seen in the entertainment media."
Rich Buhler

"...This one-man presentation by the gifted and talented Tony Monaco keeps his audience spellbound as he sings and dramatizes Paul's life."
Rev. Peter Angier
Dir. Evangelism and Missions
The First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

"I felt as though I had been in the presence of the Apostle Paul himself. Tony's presentation was more than a remarkable dramatic feat, but was a blessed spiritual experience!"
Paul Cedar, D. Min.
Lake Avenue Congregational Church

"The Road to Damascus by Tony Monaco is a superb performance - moving, a powerful yet simple expression of the life-changing encounter between Saul of Tarsus and Jesus Christ."
Mel Tari
Mel Tari Evangelistic Association

"Great appeal...the joy in both his face and melodies& making the song more effective was Monaco's dance."
John Yench
Anaheim Bulletin

"Remarkable! His (Tony Monaco's) intensity rivals the dramatic special effects of movies such as Close Encounters."
Rob Burke
Entertainment Editor, News-Post

"A unique one-man show. Powerful!"
Jim Bullock
Elder, Hollywood First Presbyterian Church


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